Saturday, November 8, 2008

Moringa Coffee

moringa coffee

More coffee studies show that drinking 4/5 cups a day can have important and wide ranging beneficial effects on our health and well-being. Coffee contains antioxidants that reduce risk of diabetes, Parkinson's and colon cancer and enhanced memory and physical performance. Mixed with Moringa leaves, coffee time becomes a more energizing event.

Moringa Plus Coffee Drink is available in 20 sachets/box.

Moringa Powder 1lb (16oz)


rickywillson said...

Hi, I am 23 year old overweight person , I have tried many medicine on my body to reduce weight but guess nothing works , now the situation has arisen at the point that no medicine work on me. I heard about the moringa and its use but want to know more about it.


marios dimothenous said...

Wat is the mixed? Moringa leaves or seeds with ather coffe?