Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The "I" in Bio-I

There is no mystery to the ”I”, it simply stands for INFORMATION. The prefix Bio means it involves biology and biology is defined as the characteristic life processes and phenomena of living organisms.

Before the advent of technology every living thing vibrated normally. Each living organism flowed in resonance with each other creating a balance in the flow of energy. It is important to remember that all things in this planet are made up of energy. This normal resonance allowed every part of our vital organ to produce the respective nutrients required by our bodies to function effectively.

When harmful electro magnetic radiation discharged by household appliances, cell sites, cell phones, laptops and the like came into the picture this balance was disrupted creating energy blocks affecting our body’s circulatory system. Naturally, our vital organs could no longer produce sufficient amount of nutrients to supply the body’s needs. This condition contributed to the deterioration of health all over the world.

This is where Bio-Information comes into the picture. What it does is it reconstructs the Information that balances the energy and stores this information in the product. Every Moringa capsule has within it the normalized resonance. Our body is capable of reading the Bio-Information with its own energy system. This energy system is responsible for governing our health and well being. Bio-I restores the energy of our atoms allowing our body’s circulatory system to function normally, an effect similar to that during meditation or a body massage. The process therefore, increases the effectiveness and potency of the product.

Moringa products charged with Bio-Information, are safer than its original state and possess a longer shelf life. Moringa’s rich nutritional value can therefore be fully enjoyed.

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