Friday, October 31, 2008

Bio-I Technology

bio-i technology

BIO-I is the smallest matter discovered by man, after quark. It is present in every space of the universe, occupying every space of every atom. We can’t see and touch it but it is there.

BIO-I Technology is the future of all health products and services because it improves and enhances health ingredients. When electron and other particles vibrate with certain force and frequency, it carries all the data of a mass called “nuclear magnetic resonance”. When this resonance is transferred to a certain subject by means of gentle forces, like infrasonic and infra light through photodynamic, the information is restored. The normalized resonance in a new carrier will generate the bio-infra magnetic wave that serves as atom enhancer thereby increasing the potency and affectivity, and at the same time minimized possible toxicity.

This new technology balances the body's energy through the Sense of Touch (Magnetic Energy) Sense of Hearing (Infrasonic Energy) and Sense of Sight (Photodynamic Energy). Bio-I Technology is the safest and fastest way to enhance health products without chemical alterations.

To experience the power of Bio-I email for demonstration schedule.

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